OLTRARNO su misura

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The Oltrarno is the rive gauche of Florence, and it is truly the neighborhood that has preserved most intact and vital the spirit of this city symbol of beauty and style. Made up of fascinating contrasts, teeming with life, pervaded with culture and love of beautiful and well-made things, it is the neighborhood where the highest number of young people are concentrated and is at the same time the historical home of the most beautiful palaces of ancient and noble Florentine families. This guide will be an opportunity to get to know the Oltrarno in all its myriad facets: from artisan workshops to antique dealers, palaces, churches, museums and their must-see works, but also the best restaurants, clubs, top nightlife addresses, and the most authentic and refined food stores.A selection of the best addresses and itineraries for getting to know the trendiest of Florence's neighborhoods.
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