Roma The Eternal City Guide

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A tribute that Hausmann & Co., together with Rolex, wanted to dedicate to the most beautiful city in the world, celebrating a deep bond begun 225 years ago. A small but valuable guide, for those who want to experience Rome knowing its soul and most significant places. A journey made up of images and stories, divided into four districts - City Centre, Colosseo, Trastevere and Vaticano - of which the atmosphere, history and moods that characterize them are narrated, in an ideal itinerary that touches on the unmissable: museums, archaeological sites and galleries, but also monuments, churches, palaces and gardens. The sights, the fountains, the columns, the obelisks, the squares... the same marvels admired by the ancient Romans, along with the splendid whitewashed churches of Baroque and the more contemporary face made of art and architecture. All without forgetting the culinary tradition of Rome and beyond, of which the guide collects the most representative temples. Rome the Eternal City Guide is the vademecum for lovers of great beauty.
Format 11,5x16,5 cm
192 pages
Dutch binding with sideband
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ISBN 9788864820408
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